Whether it's Fortune 100 clients or leading public affairs firms, Impacto Group supports each client in a way that meets that client's individual needs and objectives.

Here is a sampling of how we were able to help our clients create successful results in very diverse situations.

New Market Development  
Impacto Group is currently working with a Fortune 100 high tech firm to analyze the Hispanic small and medium size business market opportunity and develop a go-to-market strategy.  

Hispanic Health Research
Impacto Group conducted a national bilingual Hispanic survey to test messages and assess the level of awareness of certain health symptoms for a pharmaceutical company. The survey results helped the company determine the most effective way to target these customers. 

Women's 5-State Issue Advocacy Message Testing
Impacto Group tested to find the most effective messages to mobilize voters on a health-related issue campaign and identified which messages were uniquely effective in each of the five states.  

Pinpointing “what women want” from Their Lawmakers
In 2004, Impacto Group played a pivotal role in targeting message points to women and identifying the intrinsic values that drive how they vote. On behalf of a leading women's advocacy organization, we conducted an 18-month communications study of three subsets of women, including Hispanic and Caucasian, to identify critical issues that have saliency for women: tort reform, health care, national security, and immigration reform.   Read full article.

Grassroots Coalition Building
Impacto Group worked with a national non-profit organization to conduct a customized executive interview study of Hispanic family-owned businesses and their views on tax and economic issues. Working with our strategic partners, we organized a network of leading Hispanic organizations that formed an independent coalition to engage on this issue.  

Brand and Message Development
Impacto Group developed a highly-praised brand strategy for a new nationwide, non-profit organization whose mission is to support and promote the sport of amateur football. 

Crafting social marketing campaigns for minority consumers that range from healthy starts to how to bridge the financial literacy gap
Impacto Group utilized its nuanced understanding of underserved communities to help develop social marketing campaigns that speak to the unique mindset that minority communities have toward financial and health issues.

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